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Taletellers is a game of exploring stories, meant to be played over a lengthy stretch of time in small snippets. It grows and changes over time as you play it with different participants, and your version of Taletellers stays with you. If you're on social media, I'd love to see what stories you weave! Use the hashtag #taletellersgame to talk about it!

Initially written for the Big Bad Jam of 2019.

Install instructions

The "TaletellersIntro" document contains necessary groundwork for enjoyment of the game, and should not be altered in any way. The "TaletellersPlay" document comes in .DOC and .TXT formats, whichever you find most convenient.


TaletellersIntro.pdf 104 kB
TaletellersPlay.doc 12 kB
TaletellersPlay.txt 1 kB

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